15th  Paradise  Jazz  Festival

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   This year`s Paradise Jazz Festival is like an extension of last`s year event for two very important reasons. Firstly, like last year, the festival is again collaboration between Paradise Place and the best jazz musicians on the island. They are the ones who not only kept the festival alive at this time of great challenges but they also brought a whole new dynamic and another perspective to this much-loved event. They participate “because we love it!” and following last`s year success, they are preparing new collaborations and projects specific for the event. We have to underline here that the establishment of Paradise Jazz Festival means a lot to the Cyprus Jazz Musicians who are willing to present the best out for us to enjoy.

  The second reason is that, this year, the same guys who ended last year`s celebration so magically on the Jam Session will be kicking off both nights of the festival. Some of them they were only 17 then. It is great to welcome the younger generation on their first official appearance. One of the main targets of the Paradise Jazz Festival is to contribute to the development of music education and watch the new generation take their rightful place on the stage, with the guidance of veterans of the genre. This year’s festival, will blend a program by renowned jazz players with the diversity of the various groups taking part, and guarantee two nights of enjoyable and quality music in the enchanting location of Pomos.

    So we will meet on Friday the 8th, time 9.30pm on our annual date and on stage will be a newly formed fusion group, the ‘Groovebenders’. Members of the band are composer and bassist Michael Messios, guitarist Andreas Vasiliou and drummer Andreas Theodorou. One could easily call it “…the electric side of Michael Messios…” The musicians met at the music department of the Nicosia University last year. The chemistry between them was obvious from the first session so forming the trio was the natural thing to do. Their repertoire varies from the sounds of the Breaker Brothers to Scott Henderson and John Scofield…The musicality and innovative spirit of all three, promise a fresh and energetic approach to music…

   Next thing on 10.30pm we will see and hear the “acoustic” side of Michael Messios where he will perform with his group ‘Michael Messios Symmetry Band’. The band consist the composer Michael Messios (double bass), George Krasides (saxophones), Marios Toumbas (piano) and Ioannis Vafeas (drums). All four musicians are alumni of the prestigious American College Berklee of Boston, have long course in the music scene in Cyprus and abroad through participation in International Jazz Festival. The band plays exclusively Michael Messios compositions from his last job, which they are influenced from both the modern and traditional jazz. The music is defined by strong melodies, modern harmony and complex rhythmic patterns. The variety in style and sound configurations hold the listener's interest during the performances.

   We will continue on the third show on 11.30pm with the ‘SUR Quintet’. This band is a newly formed band consisting of 5 individuals with exceptional music skills who came together especially for Paradise Jazz Festival in Pomos. Trumpeter Elias Ioannou, pianist Giorgos Morfitis, bass player Andreas Rodosthenous, drummer Andreas “Kolas” Stefanou and percussionist Rodos Panagiotou came together and fused modern Jazz harmony with Latin American Rumba and other Cuban folk beats and Toques. The energy combined with the arrangement of the tunes; result to be explosive, very pleasant and entertaining no less for the performers who are involved in this project as well as the audience. The band will perform original compositions by Giorgos Morfitis and Andreas Rodosthenous as well as some renowned tunes by great composer/performer Alain Perez.

      The night will end with our ordinary Jam Session where everything melts in one searching for the loose mood to set free improvisations, rhythms and harmonies. Here is where new ideas are coming alive and future collaborations. Here is when we get that loose feeling under the stars in the magic of the night.

    Saturday 9th of August and on time 9.30pm we will start with a company of young musicians which called ‘The Original Quartet’. Is a recently formed band which will present original compositions and unique arrangements. The band consists of Marios Charalambous on saxes, Giannis Leandrou on the piano, Kyriaco Kesta on the bass and Andreas Combos on the drums.  Each of them shares the same love for good music and put together his own creativity and abilities to give out something authentic and meaningful to the audience. This is the bands virginal appearance in this Festival and moreover its first ever public performance. Let`s give them a big welcome!

   To continue on 10.30pm we will present a great musical ensemble, ‘The Amalgamation Project’. Vasiliki Anastasiou group`s founder is a vocalist from Cyprus. She created The Amalgamation Project to sing stories from around her 'neighborhood', to try and glue together traditional sounds of the Balkan peninsula and the Mediterranean breeze with jazz harmony and improvisation. The project has performed at the radio show A world in London (SOAS radio),at the Global mixtape (Croydon radio), and various venues in London (Green Note, St. Ethelburgas, Art cage, SOAS University) . Vasiliki's solo performances include Hong Kong (for the premiere of the film Axis of Light), Qatara Art Centre in Doha for an Educational concert, 6th and 7th International River Film Festival in Padova/Italy. In United Kingdom at the Europe House, Shepherds Bush Empire, 2012 May Ball, Peterhouse Theatre in Cambridge, Hollywell Music Room in Oxford, at the British Museum also at the 30th ISME World Conference on Music Education that took place at Megaro Mousikis (Thessaloniki, Greece). Group`s members are Vasiliki Anastasiou on vocals / compositions, Ermis Michail on guitar / arrangements, Alkis Agathokleous Ney, Andreas Rodosthenous on fretless electric bass and Stelios Xydias on drums:

  We left for last, on 11.30pm, the group that by right they deserve to be the highlight of our program. They have been the leaders of jazz in Cyprus and they have been the inspiration for the younger ones. They played for first time on our festival 13 years ago. On their performance on the ‘International Jazz Day’ this year, someone could feel how time has worked on their side. We are talking for the ‘Irinaeos Trio’, who of course are Irinaeos Koullouras on the acoustic bass, Giorgos Koulas on drums and Giorgos Krasides on saxophone. In their repertoire there are pieces carefully chosen from jazz in general and authentic compositions. Their style is a mix of modern jazz, trad, Mediterranean and ethnic which results in a unique and authentic musical trademark. With them will join on stage the magnificent jazz guitarist Ofer Ganor who will fly to Cyprus, especially for the event ...

   We will conclude the evening with the ultimate celebration in our established Jam Session in which we invite all musicians from all over the  island that are involved with jazz music to take part. In this way they will arise new collaborations and future presentations. They are very welcome! Together with the ‘Cyprus Jazz Musicians’, who all will be all there to support, we will end up this great experience!

   On this point we like to give a big thank you to all ‘Cyprus Jazz Musicians’ that will take part for their willingness to contribute, with this fantastic slogan ‘cause we love it", in the realization of this year's Festival. We reciprocate our love and promise them that the Paradise Jazz will always be by their side. It is because of them the small cost of the contribution per night that includes three bands and a Jam Session at a price of 10 euro!

    Let`s all be there! Thank you ALL!


Press Release

15th  Paradise  Jazz  Festival

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