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Thomas Poll, born  22-04-1989 grew up in a family where music was important. He started with the violin and at the age of 10 he startet playing upright bass. During his school years he played in several bigbands, bands and a symphonic orchestra, his passion for music was growing. At the age of 18 he started to begin his study at Codarts Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Rotterdam. In his 3rd year he did an exchange program to New Orleans for 1 year. In that time he learned a lot and playing with international known musicians  such as Jason Marsalis, Herlin Riley, Leah Chase and so on. When he came back he graduated from codarts with a 9.5. After that things started to roll, tours in Europe, Asia and trips back to New Orleans. Playing with some of the finest musicians in Holland such as Hans van Oosterhout, Peter Beets, John Engels and so on. Right now he lives in Holland and he has some big plans for the future, doing his master in New Orleans!

Plex Quartet

13th Paradise Jazz Festival




By Cyprus Jazz Musicians  &  The Orange Train

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