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  After Graduating with a first class BA honours degree from the prestigious jazz course at Leeds College of Music in 2008 Tom Lumley's skills lay in his uncanny improvisational ability and creative approach. With interests and influences from the jazz world along with keen interests in Contemporary Improvised music, Balkan folk music, Hudustani Classical music, Afro Cuban music and DIY Avant Guard Electronica he has a very broad palette of tastes and knowledge. Tom's main musical focus is involved with the acute and detailed processes of improvisation. His interests lay in how the combinations of musical elements from separate genres can lay on top of each other and how both academic processes and emotive urges and senses can be combined to produce wonderfully elaborate music without the need for pre-learned scores or musical preconceptions. In 2011 Tom was granted the Welsh Arts Council's "Advanced Study Award" funding to study a Master of Music course at CODARTS Conservatory in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) specialising in research on the use of Low Tech electronics within freely improvised music and its application practically and academically. Tom has performed with many artists, names including Tony Allen (Fela Kuti), Mathew Bourne, Frank Vigroux, Chris Sharkey (Acoustic Lady Land, Trio Vd), Dave Kane, Huw Warren, along with being an active Member of LIMA (Leeds improvised Music Association). Tom has recently become more involved with the Cologne (Germany) free improv scene completing extensive tours across Germany and The Netherlands.

Plex Quartet

13th Paradise Jazz Festival



By Cyprus Jazz Musicians  &  The Orange Train

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