Elizabeth Simonian






  Sort of by chance I started as a performing singer. This became my main occupation several years before I decided to actually study singing. Besides some initial private lessons I followed a 2 year pop study in Stockholm, Sweden before I came to The Netherlands in 2003 where I completed my Bachelor and Master degree by 2009. In the last three years I have followed many extra private lessons and courses such as becoming a certified EVT teacher, working with the Lichtenberg technique and getting a deeper understanding of the CVT method amongst other things. It was in my Masters that I decided to focus and research on the topic of holistic singing and what that actually means to me.
My motivation and what mostly inspires me to sing and to work with other people and their voice is connectedness. This arose from my own need for a heightened awareness and felt sense of what it means to inhabit my own body and be fully present. Looking at how the physical, mental, emotional and social are all profoundly interwoven to one another within us, gives us much more tools and possibilities to work with and to understand just how complex, delicate and beautiful it is to sing. From understanding the most basic muscular work, to being able to experience our subtle and refined sensory system, I believe that the voice has a tremendous power to attune us to ourselves in the most fundamental way.

9th Paradise Jazz Festival



By Cyprus Jazz Musicians  &  The Orange Train

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