Fernando de Marco





      Fernando de Marco from Brazil is based for23 years in Copenhagen and London respectively, a sought after bass player, has collaborated with various artists such as Gary Burton, Thomas Clausen, Afonso Correa, Jonny Phillips, Mikkel NordsᅠMorten Kargaard, Manᅮilveira, Jacob Fisher, Christian Sievert, One Song Project, Caecilie Norby, Ben Besiakov, Santiago Ibarreche, Ingrid Laubrok, among others. He has regularly given concerts at major jazz clubs and music festivals in Scandinavia, Europe, UK and USA. Workshops/master classes: City University – London, Ritmisk Musik Konservatorium – Copenhagen. Recently he moved back to Brazil joining the quintet “Vento em Madeira”.

8th Paradise Jazz Festival



By Cyprus Jazz Musicians  &  The Orange Train

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