Alexandros Gagatsis





I think I got my first snare drum at the age of 3. Basically, everything went a bit wrong after that. My musical studies began a few years later, at the age of 6 when I started studying the piano at a regional music school. In 2001 I enrolled at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), in the department of surveying engineering in order to study in a five year programme. In 2004 I started my music degree at Anglia Ruskin University. From then and until graduation (2007), I studied with Tim Gunnell and Daniela Ganeva (Orchestral Percussion and Marimba), with Chris Ingham (jazz piano), and Brian Abrahams (drums). During these years of my undergraduate studies I performed with Anglia’s Symphony orchestra, big band, opera, choir, chamber ensemble and Anglia Ruskin's electro acoustic ensemble. Also, with Haverhill orchestra and Cambridge orchestra. Among others, I performed extensively with the contemporary music group Anglia Sinfonia. Repertoire included works such as Laborintus II (Luciano Berio) and Ballet Mequanique (George Antheil). In summer 2005 I attended Ludwig Albert’s summer Marimba academy, where I had the chance to study with Ludwig Albert, Momoko Kamiya and Mark Ford. In 2007 I enrolled on a master’s degree at the Trinity College of Music in London, where I studied jazz drums with Gene Calderazzo and David Wickins, and the piano with Liam Noble and Nick Weldon as part of my course. Currently I am teaching myself jazz vibes and the tabla, but I'm a bit all over the place with it. Since moving to London I had the chance to perform with the Grand Union Orchestra and along musicians such as Claude Deppa, Andres Lafone, Yousuf Ali Khan, Brian Abrahams, Tony Haynes, Tony Kofi, and Oren Marshall among others. Alex is endorsed by Istanbul Agop Cymbals.



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