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     The GoJam Group was created in 2002 by Giorgos Tsiatsoulis and Petros Varthakouris.  They started playing arrangements of Jazz pieces along with accordion and bandoneon music of Galliano, Piazzola, etc.  It was when Lefteris Havoutsas and Giannis Angelopoulos joined the band (2004) that the name became GoJam Group and new original repertoire was created, in which compositions of each band member was included.  The result is a mixture of traditional Greek music combined with other music traditions along with the influences, hearings and music experiences of each band member. The desire for artistic expression formed the unique, intricate the sound of the group. The acquaintance and collaboration with authentic musicians and sounds, which broaden the musical identity of GoJam ‘company’, constitutes for the group a real motivation and at the same time, a target.

10th Paradise Jazz Festival



By Cyprus Jazz Musicians  &  The Orange Train

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