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Photos from 8th Paradise Jazz Festival


Julia Biel is a self-taught singer and songwriter, a pianist and guitarist with a sharp perspective on life and love, with a voice as electrifying as it is hypnotic, and a fondness for pop song structures as much as for jazz harmony. Julia inhabits distinctive musical territory combining the raw emotional power of her old-school-jazz-sounding vocal with backdrops that include elements of 1960s psychedelia, electronica-imbued acoustics, driving electric guitars and epic, cinematic arrangements.
Her exceptional 'Billie Holiday meets Bjork' voice weaves a magical spell out of folk, jazz and soul. “The demanding nature of the music - the wide range of styles, sonorities, the sometimes irregular harmonies and rhythms - might seem like hard work. But Biel is obviously committed to the experimental aesthetic, and her mesmerizing voice and magnetic stage presence should encourage many to follow where she leads” (THE GUARDIAN, Culture Vulture, April 2006).

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8th Paradise Jazz Festival



By Cyprus Jazz Musicians  &  The Orange Train

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