Miraculous Mandarin Trio






The MIRACULOUS MANDARIN TRIO was formed in the summer of 2004 & they took part on last year Festivals jam session. The three members of the band after playing gigs with each other at various occasions, decided to get together and form a new band with an original sound. The music is focused on improvisation, communication on stage, and is based mainly around funk and drum 'n bass rhythms. A lot of the music is composed on the spot which is one of the trio's main characteristic. This time they will have two special friends with them, Michael Michael on trompet & Rodos Panagioyou on percussions and Lefteris Moumtzis on the bass. Other guests, who have appeared with the Miraculous Mandarin Trio, include Avishai Cohen (trumpet), Eric Durrer (percussion) and James Adams (trombone). The bands forthcoming plan is to start recording, and to perform in Europe.

6th Paradise Jazz Festival



By Cyprus Jazz Musicians  &  The Orange Train

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