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Sydney born musician Nick Ramm grew up playing recorder, guitar, violin and piano. Later he would play percussion, flute, melodyhorn and bass guitar. Son of musical eclectic and renowned educator Dave Ramm, Nick obtained a degree in music and mathematics and then he attended the Guildhall School of Music and Drama where he studied under Simon Purcell, John Taylor and Bosco De Oliviera.
He would perform as keyboardist/pianist with Byron Wallen's Sound Advice, Jim Mullen, Dennis Rollins, Martin Speake, The Expendables, Bembe Segue, Marcina Arnold, Matthew Herbert and Acoustic ladyland. Played in the group Timeline alongside Dave Okumu, Tom Herbert, Leo Taylor, Barak Schmool and Ivan Ormond. Recorded the album 'Little Green Man' with his own trio Quota alongside Gary Willcox, Tom Skinner and Jeremy Brown. Performed in played all over Europe, in Syria, Latvia, Libya, Russia and at major UK festivals. In 2003 Ramm composed a circus-inspired set of music and formed the quintet Clown Revisited. Their debut album 'Flashes Of A Normal World' (F-IRECD012) was released on 17th April 2006 and was launched at the Vortex Jazz Club with the help of Charli Santiago the clown. In 2006 he released a jazz quartet recording with Zhenya Striagalev on Baltic Records and recorded on Johnathan Bratoeff's Points Of Perception album. In 2007 he recorded with
Seb Rochford's Fulborn Teversham and he joined the Cinematic Orchestra and toured extensively.


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