Andreas Panteli




Andreas Panteli is one of the active jazz piano players in cyprus. He began with classical training at Ethniko Odeio Cyprus with Miroslav Gospodinov, followed by jazz piano studies at the Rotterdam Conservatory and finally with master’s at the Royal Conservatory of Den Haag. In 2008 he was distinguished with the first price at the Nicola’s Economou Contest. In the last few years he has been presenting his work in Cyprus and Europe, with various groups and music is centered around improvisation. In 2014 he began working together with Louvana Records, creating the Improvisation workshop for the Music Village Feggaros.
 At the moment he is actively involved mainly with three projects. The Afro-Banda Banana, for which he composes music in the style of afrobeat music tradition, the Ermis Michail Quintet with which he recorded recently for the first personal record of the group (Minor Change), playing original music of
Ermis Michail in the style of modern Jazz, and finally with the project Hatzidakis Revisited, where together with singer Vasiliki Anastasiou they re-arrange songs of the great greek composer and presenting them in a personal way.




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