Trio Smiles




 Trio Smiles is a Latin Jazz, Brazilian trio which was formed in 2003 by Stelios Papazoglou (guitar), Andreas Rodosthenous (electric bass) and Rodos Panagiotou (drums) in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) where all three of  them studied jazz and Latin music in the Rotterdam's Conservatory. Their mission is to combine any kind of melodies, harmonies and rhythms that had an influence to its members through the years, to come out with something of their own. Trio Smiles! played in Rotterdam, among other places, in the “Doelen”, the “Dizzy Jazz Cafe”, the “Zuid Plein Theater” (south area), in the Haag in the “Pater Latin Bar”, and in  Amsterdam in several places. At Paradise Jazz Festival they have appeared quite a few times inviting each time a different artist as guest and presenting different themes.
13th Paradise Jazz Festival with Charis Ioannou, presenting Wes Montgomery
12th Paradise Jazz Festival
with Gabriella Kozyra and Eleonora Rousou, presenting JOYCE
10th Paradise Jazz Festival
on their own,
  9th Paradise Jazz Festival
with Magda Mendes presenting "Fado" and Brazilian grooves.



By Cyprus Jazz Musicians  &  The Orange Train

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