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     The official program of the 13th Paradise Jazz Festival will end with Theodosii Spassov who is one of the most important names in the European music scenery. Theodosii has developed his own unique style of playing the kaval, an eight-hole wooden “shepherd flute” that is one of the oldest instruments in Europe by synthesizing traditional folklore with jazz, fusion and classical music. For over 20 years, Theodosii has toured all over Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia, Canada and United States. Amongst other distinctions, was awarded with a Grammy award for “Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares” in 1994. He is also one of the most favorite artists here at Paradise Jazz Festival and his appearance on our 2005 festival will stay unforgettable where with his pure good energy performance and his natural talent he commended our event! We feel very proud that we will have him back with us! This year he will travel to Cyprus with Miroslav Turiyski on keyboards, Aleksandar Lekov on d. bass and Nacho Gospodinov on drums.  Theodosii is on kaval and vocals.


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13th  Paradise  Jazz  Festival

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