Stelios Papazoglou





        I started in my early teens studying guitar and making music in my hometown Kavala, Greece. After finishing school i studied for 3 years in Synchrono Conservatory in Thessaloniki where i was first introduced to jazz music and then i found myself studying and graduating in Rotterdams Conservatorium where the music exploration was much more intense due to the multicultural society that Holland consists of and of course the very many talented musicians you are surrounded by. Since my graduation i live, teach, and perform in the Netherlands in different locations with various musicians  and a plethora of instrument compinations. My main interest in music was and still is jazz music and in generally music that compines improvisation and creativity but i always keep an ear open towards any kind of composition that catch my attention from singer/songwriter to soul/r&b and south american harmonies and grooves.

9th    Trio Smiles feat Magda Mendes

10th Trio Smiles,

12th Trio Smiles feat Gabriela Kozyra & Eleonora Rousou

13th Trio Smiles feat. Charis Ioannou




By Cyprus Jazz Musicians  &  The Orange Train

Coz` we Love it!



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