TriCoolOre feat. Pantelis Stoikos

and Dimitris Lappas








    How much of our ‘humanity’ can we retain amidst the countless plots unfolding all around us? What standard is there for its measurement? What’s our position, our point of view… our own part in what we are witnessing? What is, in effect, our inner truth? How does that survive there, inside us? How does it affect our surroundings? And how is it transmitted? Can music on its own, without words, reach that truth, and measure, conclusively, our humanity…?
World Without Words
 is a worthy successor to TriCoolOre’s debut album, which has had an exceptional run receiving flattering reviews. Seven new instrumental pieces, conceived since 2014, are incorporating the wider tonal spectrum that influences the Trio’s geographical base (Nicosia), into the global character of that music which thrives on improvisation. Collaboration with outstanding professionals from the Greek scene played a very significant role in the arrangements and in the final result. The album is characterised by the participation and musical performances of Pantelis Stoikos (trumpet), of Takis Barberis (guitar), and of Dimitris Lappas (fretless guitar).
The Trio was formed in Nicosia in 2013, counting a plethora of appearances, since, in festivals and music events in Cyprus, Greece and the UK, including Aglanjazz, Cyprus Jazz & World Music Showcase, The University of Cyprus Festival – Axiotheas Mansion, Fengaros Festival, 2nd International Jazz Festival in Kozani, Syros jazz festival (2016), 16th Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival (2016) and many more. TriCoolOre’s live shows, the last few years, feature the trio’s fellow traveller, one of the greatest new generation trumpeters in the Balkans,
Pantelis Stoikos. A last minute add is the
Acoustic – Electrical – Fretless guitarist Dimitris Lappas who he also took part on the recordings of the Tricoolore`s album. The trio concists by Nikos Doukas on bass guitar, Angelos Dockas on keyboard - e. piano and Vassilis Vassiliou on drums.




18th  Paradise  Jazz  Festival



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