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     The first`s weekend of 13th Paradise Jazz Festival program will conclude a familiar band at Paradise Place, the Trio Smiles, that this year together with Charis Ioannou on alto sax decide to dedicate their focus to Wes Montgomery. There are many sides to the great artist phenomenon Wes Montgomery. He was not only one of the jazz guitar greats, celebrating the tradition of the instrument but also taking it further to open new ways for the future, he was apart from that a great improviser always searching and finding the best available notes and melodies satisfying any audience and musicians. Wes wrote many great compositions with some of them becoming standards in the jazz world and since the 60's being performed massively. In the few years of his recorded career (1957-1968) managed to play in various group formats and styles and with a diverse pallet of artists. From smoky organ blues to swing classics, latin grooves, orchestra and pop covers he managed to put always his stamp and never separate music into styles and categories-just played the best he could unconditionally. Finally being the master of a not common thumb technic showed the world that anything can be done!!! Trio Smiles are consists of Rodos Panagiotou on drums, Andreas Rodosthenous on electric bass and Stelios Papazoglou on guitar.


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