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Michalis Messios (bass) is a talented composer who serves with the utmost respect when he writes the kind of jazz music flavor uniquely their own identity. His projects, where presented, won excellent reviews and they have been loved from the public. Music composition for Michael is the expression of the rich emotional world, of enormous talent and knowledge that carries, and his dedication and love for jazz music.


Tell us a few words about your quartet, when it was founded, its members, the progress so far, with what kind of music is mainly involved? 

The M. Messios Symmetry band is perhaps the oldest figures of the jazz scene in Cyprus. First appeared in 1993 with the name Petsteppers and later renamed M. Symmetry Messios Band and presents mostly original compositions of mine. The other three members of the band are
Charis Ioannou on saxophone, Christos Yerolatsitis on piano and Ioannis Vafeas on drums.  Since we all return to the island we are among the most active and dedicated musicians with notable participation in festivals in Cyprus and abroad, international jazz clubs, recordings, personal albums, theatrical performances and of course mumerous appearances at various venues and events in Cyprus. As I said the band presents mostly my compositions characterized by  rhythmic patterns and strong melodies. 

How easy it is to deal with the music in Cyprus, in particular with the element that you have involved yourself?

When we first came to the island, jazz music was something unknown. It took a lot of personal work, with no response, in the beginning, to establish and to ' build ' what there is now. Most of the time we were enjoying our music rehearsing alone! But things are changing and we are satisfied to see many young musicians study, play and compose jazz music. There is now an audience that follows us and begins to love this kind of music. Like the newest member of our band, the talentet pianist
Christos Yerolatsitis. This is also the result of the contribution of  several venues that are supporting jazz and hosting live events. Of course, there are many more to be done. There are still no a suitable venues for jazz and most of the time we play our music in bars or restaurants like background music.

How important to your work is your participation in such festivals? What do you recommend for the further development of musical creation?

It is extremely important that there are such events like PJFestival to give artists the opportunity to participate and to present their new projects. There are, like we said above, very limited opportunities  in our island for a group to perform its music without having to adapt to the needs of a private restaurant. The Festival is the eldest in our country and it's always apleasure to participate with our newest projects. It is also a chance to get in contact with other artists and thus to open gates of communication. From every point of view, participation is important.

What are your plans as a band but also in personal level?

What it starts very soon is the recording of the group’s first album with a selection of older and new compositions of mine. This will help not only to documented our work, but also to promote it in a more official way to other festivals abroad. Recently the group had an extremely successful presentation at the 6th Syros Jazz Festival. The audience really embraced us and there were written very honorably words in the press and the media about our performance there. This encourages us to go on. Especially for me, to continue writing and creating when I see the audience asking for further information after the show, about how they can follow our music and our activities!
Will soon announce two more participations of the quartet abroad, so stay in tune.

Thank you Michalis and see you at the festival!


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